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Welcome Steven Outside
In this one and a half hour video, Steve touches on all things river fishing, from catfish to stripers with special emphasis on catching trophy smallmouth out of average streams. Filled with diagrams, drawings and insight into trophy smallmouth location, this is anything but your typical fishing video.
It is a two DVD set. $19.99 Buy Now.

In this his second book on fishing, Steve Coomer, casts his line a bit further than his home river to talk about catching trophy fish in any small to mid sized river or stream. Knee Deep is a collection of short essays on locating, finding, and catching a trophy fish out of your own stream. Aimed past just presenting the basics, this book is full of novel ideas and insights by an old river rat that you just aren't going to find anywhere else. No matter how long you have been fishing there are ideas inside that will make you stop and rethink the way you are doing things now. From how to catch a twenty inch river smallmouth to landing a big shovelhead on a lure, this book is destined to be a classic for river fishermen everywhere.
182 page book $14.99

Author - Steve Coomer
Steve is an accomplished angler who has spent a lifetime knee deep in midwestern rivers. With years of experience combined with an inquisitive mind that is always asking why, no one is more qualified to write on the subject of small stream fishing. Steve's first book, Steve Coomer's Little Miami River, is the definitive book on his home river. He is also the author of the popular blog Stevenoutside which chronicles his adventures.
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